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Ads I've designed Branding--logos and business cards Packaging design

Welcome to my site!

I've been doing graphic design for over twenty years now. I excel at print design, and have an extensive portfolio. Please feel free to look through examples, and know that that is just the tip of the iceberg! I have done many more types of projects than I'll be showing here, including some multimedia. I have also done web design since the early days of the web, and am currently going back to college to get another degree learning web development and programming.

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Print Design

Ads I've designed Branding--logos and business cards Packaging design


Logos & Business Cards

PatteCoats business card

Patte Vanden Berg makes lovely upcycled coats out of sweaters, called "sweatercoats" and wanted to show the dung beetle as a logo, because of the idea of transforming trash into treasure. She wanted a round card to stand out and be different, as well as complement the round beetle.

NutNook logo

Ginny Levi at Nut Nook wanted a whimsical, fun bright, cartoon squirrel for her logo, cooking up nuts (Ginny makes candied pecans), with a "nut-shaped" mountain in the back, framing her business name. I drew the squirrel in pencil, inked it on vellum, and then scanned it in to clean it up in Illustrator, to form the basis of this logo.

AstroShaman logo

Benjamin Bernstein, who started out with It's All Good Astrology, decided he wanted to take his practice a step further into using astrology in therapy, as well as incorporating shamanistic rituals. He wanted something that looked tribal, wanted a rattle with a sun as the focus, and the signs of the zodiac surrounding.


Magazine Ads

Cornerstone Printing

This was a magazine ad for Cornerstone Printing, where I worked at the time. I admit that I took the idea from the movie What The Bleep, but as they had never heard of that movie, they saw it as merely whimsical and uplifting.

Chestnut Flats Community

Relocation Magazine needed an ad design for Chestnut Flats, a community in Waynesville. Chestnut Flats provided their own photography for the ad, all taken on location at various seasons of the year.


SOAR targets adventure, and when approaching me about this ad design, said that they wanted a "scrapbook" look, with various locations, lots of nature, and colorful pushpins, which I created in Illustrator using a 3D revolve effect.


Bath & Body

Laughing Mermaid bottles Laughing Mermaid Hemp lotion label Laughing Mermaid Silk lotion label

Mary Novak of The Laughing Mermaid has a local bath and body shop. She wanted her labels redesigned to showcase her logo and have bright, vibrant colors, as well as having themes of colors between her product lines. She especially wanted the tie dye, which I worked in as a "wave" for the mermaid.


Sanesco bottles Sanesco label Sanesco box

Sanesco is a local alternative medical laboratory which also produces a line of nutraceuticals for practitioners. They approached me about redesigning their packaing to incorporate fresh, tasteful colors and yet be clean and geometric.

Music Packaging

Michael Farr's CD outside cover inside cover

Michael Farr is a local singer-songwriter who played one year at BeleChere. He teamed up with a producer to make this CD and asked me to do the design. The inside shots were all taken in the studio during recording.


I've done many other types of print and multimedia projects, too numerous to show here, but if you'd like to see samples, just let me know!
Types of projects include:

  • Brochures
  • Posters & Promotional Materials
  • Point-of-Sale materials
  • Publications
  • Medical Illustration
  • Booth Graphics
  • Interactive Presentations

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Web Design

Inner Landscaping site

Innerlandscaping home page Innerlandscaping art quilts

Laurel Reinhardt of Inner Landscaping approached me about designing a Wordpress site for her therapy practice involving quilted lap labyrinths, as well as her art quilts. She especially loved purple, hence the color scheme.

F. Scott's Roaring 20's Nightclub

Desktop version

F. Scott's nightclub desktop page

Tablet version

F. Scott's nightclub desktop page

Phone version

F. Scott's nightclub desktop page

F. Scott's was a college design project in 2014 to show a nightclub website in the style of the roaring Twenties. The project included designing all of the pages of the site for the desktop version, as well as tablet and phone versions for one page of the site.

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About Me

picture of me

My name is Paula Bishop, and I've been a graphic designer professionally for over twenty years now. Creative, versatile, enthusiastic and quick to come up with ideas and implement them, I enjoy a challenge, and derive a lot of satisfaction from successfully giving people what they want. Having majored in Graphic Design & Illustration with a BA in Art from Georgia State University, I can do both traditional art forms as well as computer graphic illustrations and design.

How I Work

For a free consultation, contact me by phone at 828.337.5739 or email me at I would love to discuss your project with you! After discussing a project, I can give you an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to get the job done. If the quote is acceptable, I then take all the elements of the projects that I need and brainstorm to come up with several different options to present and take it from there. I usually work informally, not requiring a contract unless the customer does, and asking to be paid at the completion of the job (unless it's a really big or ongoing project, for which I would usually bill invoices as we go).

Testimonials from Clients

"Paula's design was the first system map we had, and was an important item for us to provide customers during our fare-free period in fall, 2006. With over a 40% increase in ridership during this experiment, it's evident that many first-time riders found their way using Paula's innovative design, and that the map was absolutely crucial to our success."

James Garner, Asheville Transit Project Manager

"Paula has a knack for taking very little instruction and bringing back exactly what we needed. In addition to her high-quality of work, she works fast and always seems to deliver before the deadline, just in case, we have last minute tweaks we need implemented."

Freelin Jones, Marketing Dept., Genova Diagnostics Laboratory

"Wow, Paula, everything looks great. I always know that I can count on you, taking care of things in the cool way that you do."

Stephanie Wilds, Owner, Acoustic Corner

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